Thoresby Hall in the snow

Anyone who is friends with me on Facebook or has me on Snapchat will know that I’ve been very happy with the recent snow in Worksop. Snow in winter really isn’t a big deal in most countries I know, but I’ve always loved snow and I’ve rarely seen so much stay for so long in my hometown as this Christmas.

We got around four inches on the evening of Boxing Day and the majority is still here on New Year’s Eve. Which makes for a very happy John.

And so despite taking a self-imposed break from the blog over the festive season, I couldn’t help but share these photos of the nearby Thoresby Hall in all its snowy wonder.

Thoresby Hall

Thoresby Hall in the snow

Thoresby Hall in the snow

Just on the outskirts of Worksop, Thoresby Hall is an old manor house that sits on a huge estate. Built in the 19th century, the hall is now a Warner Hotel & Spa, having stood empty and abandoned for a number of years.

Thoresby Hall was home to the Dukes of Kingston and is one of a number of residences around Worksop that was once home to a Duke – these form the Dukeries.

Today the Hall is a popular location for weddings and its grounds host a number of fairs and events throughout the year. It’s also a cracking place to walk the dog.

To read more about the area around Thoresby Hall and Worksop, click here.

Oh, and Happy New Year!
See you in 2015 🙂


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