My travel plans for 2015

2014 was an amazing year of travel for me – in total I visited 13 countries, including seven for the first time (and Austria twice). It was incredible and – quite frankly – unbeatable.

I’m therefore starting the year knowing that 2015 won’t be as big – and for good reason.

Last year, my travel plans were a bit haphazard. Once I was settled in Dusseldorf, I went on a small binge of booking flights and ended up doing five big trips in the space of four months. Not the best idea in the world – and not something I’m keen to repeat this year.

So does that mean I’ll be taking a back seat from travelling this year? Not at all. But my overall aim for 2015 is to travel a bit more sensibly and make my travel plans a bit more ‘stable’, i.e. spaced out. You can probably expect more weekend city breaks this year, too.

Having said all this very responsible stuff, I do have a lot of destinations in mind for 2015 already that I wanted to share – though let’s all bear in mind that I normally diverge from my original plans quite a bit…


I have had two brief glimpses of Amsterdam

I have had two brief glimpses of Amsterdam

So far, the only trip I have booked for 2015 is a weekend in Amsterdam with a group of friends. I’ve been twice before very briefly (both times on a stopover) so I’m really looking forward to actually seeing the city and hitting a few museums.

We’re going by train (a bargain at €43 return), which I’m really pleased about. Part of the appeal of living on the continent is the ease of border hopping and Amsterdam is a mere two hours from Dusseldorf – less than the time from Manchester to London.

We’re also hoping to rent a house boat. When in Rome…


Marrakech (courtesy of

Marrakech (courtesy of

Virginia from the Well-Travelled Postcard summed it up perfectly in her plans for 2015: “I seem to be the only person left who hasn’t been to Morocco.” Amen to that.

Therefore I’m planning on putting a Ryanair voucher to good use this spring by heading to experience the country myself. The only decision left is how much to see and how much time to spend: a simple extended weekend in Marrakech, or a backpacking trip to take in Essaouira, Fes and Casablanca as well?

There’s also another reason I’m keen to visit Morocco. It occurred to me recently that I haven’t been outside of Europe since April 2009 – almost six years ago. On my mission to get to every country in Europe, it’s starting to feel like I’m fencing myself in. Therefore, starting in 2015, I’m going to aim to leave the continent on one trip a year – even if that is just a Ryanair flight to Marrakech.


Hofburg Palace, Vienna

Hofburg Palace, Vienna

In December, I had to face defeat and admit that 2015 wasn’t going to be the year I attended Eurovision. I was hoping to get down to Vienna for one of the semi-finals or even the final, but the price of tickets really took me by surprise. I still would have paid if the contest was being held in city with regular budget flights and cheap accommodation, but alas 2015 was not to be. (Fingers crossed for a Serbian victory though!)

Even so, I want to continue my tradition of visiting the host country of the contest and this is a perfect chance to give the Austrian capital a second chance – something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’m therefore aiming to head to Vienna before the final of the contest on 23 May.


Sibiu (Source: Eff It, I'm on Holiday)

Sibiu (Source: Eff It, I’m on Holiday)

Transylvania is an area I’ve always been interested in, but somewhere I thought I would have to visit on a wider trip of Southeastern Europe. However, in the last few years, budget airlines (WizzAir in particular) have really opened the region up and as of late December last year, there are now flights to Sibiu from Dortmund – my local WizzAir hub.

Like most towns in Transylvania, Sibiu was founded by Saxons in the 12th century and has managed to preserve its old-world charm with winding alleyways, colourful buildings and a few UNESCO-listed churches. Vlad from Eff It, I’m on Holiday tells me spring is the best time to visit, but it might be creeping into summer before I get around to Sibiu.

Be warned: only visit Vlad’s blog if you want to be overwhelmed with the urge to visit Romania.


Budapest (Source:

Budapest (Source:

As a lover of Central and Eastern Europe, it fills me with great shame to admit that I’ve never made it to any of these cities – probably the most visited in the region. While I’m not going to make any promises, I am hoping to have set foot in at least one by the end of 2015 – two with any luck.

Fortunately, all are really well connected to my area of Germany, so finding decent flights shouldn’t be too much of a problem – touch wood – but the real challenge will be finding someone who hasn’t already been to Prague…

Me struggling with the map in Bruges (Jul 14)

Me struggling with the map in Bruges (Jul 14)

So there you have it – my tentative travel plans for 2015. It’s hard to say how many of these will actually come to fruition and how many trips will spring it totally out of the blue, but either way, I am looking forward to a happy year of travels.

Where are you planning on visiting in 2015?
Comment below!


34 responses to “My travel plans for 2015

    • Your photos of Prague are fantastic! I have absolutely no idea when I’ll get to Prague, but it will probs be in the second half of the year. I’m aiming for March for Morocco – do you have any idea when and where you are thinking?

      As for untouched regions, I’ve covered embarrassing little of Southern Europe (esp Spain and Italy), so you have me beat there.

      • Oh thanks, those were taken way back when on my point-and-shoot. You’ll beat me to it then as I won’t make it to Morocco before the summer and I’m most keen to visit Marrakech and the Atlas mountains…

    • Great – thanks for the tip! For the final, the cheapest ticket was £90 (for reduced visibility) and max was over £200. Semi-finals weren’t too bad, but total cost with flights and accom was a bit too much.

  1. TAKE ME WITH YOU TO MARRAKECH!!!! I’ll take you to Sibiu! 😀 I’ve never been outside of Europe (well technically I’ll visit the Asian side of Istanbul in a couple of weeks) so I’d love it if Morocco, a country that I’ve been dying to visit, will be my first stop.

    I’d also love to see Krakow and return to pretty much all the other places you’ve mentioned, especially Amsterdam – such a beautiful city!

    • You’ve been to Amsterdam before right? You strike me as a “Fault in our stars”-fangirl…

      I would definitely go with you to Marrakech but I need to go in springtime 😦 Next time?

      • First of all, how dare you! I’ve been to Amsterdam before I even read TFIOS! 😛

        And sure, next time… 😦

  2. Go to Essaouira when you’re in Morocco! It was one of my favourite destinations last year, so much more relaxed and laid back than Marrakech – it’s a good one to retreat to after a few days of madness in the Marrakech medina. Looks like I won’t make Eurovision this year either, as it’s going to clash with another trip. One day I will get there though! Here’s to a great 2015.

    • Thanks for the advice – I think a Marrakech/Essaouira is looking like the most likely combo. I don’t have the time to make it a bigger trip, unfortunately. How long would you suggest for each place?

      I am determined to get to Eurovision at some point too. It’s annoying because it was held in Dusseldorf in 2011 – I got here three years too late!

  3. Amsterdam, Vienna and Prague all feature on my dream list for this year too. Hopefully I find some cheap flights for later in the year.

    My first two trips of the year are to Barcelona and Budapest. I’ve never been to Spain or Hungary before so I’m quite excited!

    I’m another candidate for the last person to Morocco. It is somewhere that I would love to go though. Lucy inspired me with her blog posts on Marrakech and Essaouira last year. I hope you manage to make it there 🙂

    • I haven’t been to Barcelona either actually – I’ve heard a few mixed things, but I’d love to go and see it for myself. What time of year are you heading?

      And you haven’t been to Morocco either? There might be more of us than I thought, haha…

  4. I visited both Amsterdam and Vienna last year! Both are amazing cities! I loved Vienna and I think part of that reason was because we spent a lot of time just being in Vienna, and not trying to see all of it. Amsterdam was beautiful and delicious- you will love staying for a longer period of time! There is so much to see and do and eat!
    I blogged about my time in Vienna here:
    And my time in Amsterdam here:
    I included a ton of tips and tricks so hopefully it will help with your planning (and maybe make you more excited about Vienna).

  5. This is all so exciting. You’re so luck being in Europe and being able to take advantage of all of the cheap flights! My travel goals are to see more of China – like the rural stuff and to visit two new countries in Asia. Fingers crossed!

      • Flight prices tend to vary. They’re usually affordable but the train wins for price. Trains take forever depending on which class you take.The fast train from Beijing to Xi’an takes 5 hours but a slow train takes 16!

  6. Cool list! 🙂 I only have Istanbul on my list right now (February) , but I’m not worrying for the rest of the year. I usually go with the flow, or wherever a cheap fight ticket takes me :).
    Let me know next time you’re struggling with a map in Bruges, it’s my hometown and i would be happy to help! 🙂

    • I’d love to go to Istanbul, but I doubt it will be this year. I’m surprised Ryanair haven’t opened up a base there to be honest…

      I would love to head back to Bruges actually. I’m considering heading to Gentse Feesten again next year – I loved that little festival, so could be nice to fit in a day trip 🙂

  7. Morocco has quickly jumped to the top of my must-visit destinations, partly due to increased exposure to it through other travel blogs, and partly because I did so much Euro-traveling this year, so I really indulged my Europhile bug and now can branch out. For the most amazing photos and some travel recommendations, check out (it’s by the blogger I met up with in Belgium this July).
    My 2015 travel plans are minimal at the moment: possibly US in September, maybe Crimea again in the summer. But a year ago my travel plans were also close to nil – and I rounded out the year with a dozen countries!

  8. great plans!! we lived just an hour by car from Amsterdam, i would made some recommendations outside Amsterdam, but in a weekend you have enough to see in the city 🙂

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