Ecomama Boutique Hostel: review

It’s not often that I rave about a hostel.

Usually, I opt for a basic, comfortable place to stay, safe in the knowledge that I won’t be spending much time there (let’s be honest, I can’t resist a bargain either). But my recent weekend in Amsterdam was a bit different.

We were a group of eight hoping for a chilled weekend away: I was on strict orders to “go with the flow” (at which I failed miserably) and we were planning on spending more time in cafes and coffee shops than museums. Luckily, after a few failed attempts to secure a house boat (which would have been really, really cool) we managed to find somewhere that suited us perfectly: Ecomama Boutique Hostel – the new initiative from the owners of the popular Cocomama.

Communal area

Communal area


Found on Valkerburgerstraat, just a short walk from Nieuwmarkt, Ecomama is situated perfectly between the tourist hotspots of De Wallen (aka the Red Light District) and Rembrandtplein and the quieter areas of Utrechtsestraat and Grachtengordel-Zuid, or the southern canal belt.

Common areas

But it’s not the location of Ecomama that serves as its main selling point – its interior feels like the physical embodiment of a hipster Pinterest board.

Communal area

Communal area

The kitchen

The kitchen

Guests firstly enter through the chic little coffee shop Filter, which serves as the façade of the hostel. Walking through to the back of the cafe, you’ll find the Ecomama desk – created from stacks of books (obviously). Opposite, you’ll spy a cosy little seating area with board games, magazines and a record player – naturally.

Filter coffee shop

Filter coffee shop

There’s also a well-stocked kitchen, a huge dining table, a kicker table and the Pièce de résistance, a full-sized indoor yurt.

Rooms & facilities

Our 8-bed dorm

Our 8-bed dorm

We paid for an eight-bed dorm and the hostel were good enough to put us all together. The room was fantastic – fairly simple, but lovely and spacious. It was kitted out with everything you need (reading light and plug socket next to every bed) and the beds were sturdy and comfortable (no squeaking ladders to the top bunk here).

The room was also decorated in a load of world maps, so I was pretty happy with that.

In the dorm

In the dorm

Other rooms take the form of converted shipping containers, decorated inside and out for a really unique feel.

Upcycled containers

Upcycled containers

In terms of facilities, the bathrooms were clean and modern and the showers were pretty decent.


In total, we paid €76 each for two nights (Friday and Saturday) – including booking fee and city tax. This is a lot more than I’m used to paying for a hostel (though about the going rate in Amsterdam it seems), but I really think Ecomama was worth it – we spent a lot of time hanging out in the teepee and felt really at home.

In the teepee

In the teepee


Ecomama embodies everything you’d look for in a boutique hostel: a friendly, easy-going vibe, entertainment options and quirky features. I noticed a lot of other guests spent the majority of their time hanging around the hostel, and I really can’t blame them. The place had a really great feel to it, which I really liked.

On top of which, our rooms couldn’t have been better and the service was great.

I would definitely recommend.

What do you think? Would you stay here?
Comment below!

Disclaimer: Ecomama Boutique Hostel has not endorsed this post in any way.


16 responses to “Ecomama Boutique Hostel: review

  1. Pity we never saw you during your visit John but in a large city it’s hardly surprising, particularly as “Coffee Houses” are not really our thing! But I’m glad you enjoyed your stay and I’m looking forward to your next post about the city (there will be more won’t there?)

    • There will be at least one more post, but that will probably be it. Our weekend consisted more of consuming food than consuming culture. Did you have a nice weekend there?

      P.s. by coffee house, I just meant the cafes! Now wondering if I should change the post…

      • We had a great time thanks John.

        BTW, I’m glad you can make it to Silly Sister’s / Sensible Sister’s wedding; see you there. (I can’t remember who was who and both terms fit for both sisters from my point of view.

  2. Wish I had a trip to Amsterdam planned as your review would convince me to stay at this hotel !:) I’ll keep it in mind and recommend to someone though!
    One day I hope to see Amsterdam … For now, I’m here in New Amsterdam 🙂 aka NYC 🙂

  3. It looks nice! The hotel I’ve stayed at in Amsterdam was probably the best hotel I’ve ever booked in terms of comfort, but I’ll definitely choose your hostel if I were in for a quick budget trip.

    Btw, I love your shoes! 😀

    • Haha, thanks – but they are just converse?!

      I’ve stayed in some really nice and comfy hostels before now too, but this is the first one I’ve stayed in that I felt I could describe as “boutique”. Definitely consider if for your next “Fault in Our Stars” pilgrimage!

      • Yeah, but I love converse! Plus, they’re purple, I’ve been looking for ages for a purple pair!

        Not even gonna say anything on the TFIOS comment. 😛

  4. I never understood the appeal of the ‘common area’ at a hostel. Arent you traveling? Aren’t you running out at the crack of dawn and coming back totally knackered and possibly more than a bit tipsy and then collapsing in your bed? Anyway, food for some deep philosophical though here…

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