5. Places I’ve Visited

A key aim of mine is to get to every country in Europe before I reach the age of 30. You can read more about my quest here.

Where I've been - Spring 2015

Outside Europe, I’ve visited: 


For the cities I’ve visited, seen the map below.

If you have any questions about where I’ve been, or want to request a post, simply comment below or get in touch.


4 responses to “5. Places I’ve Visited

  1. What are your plans for non-European countries? Or are you planning on conquering all the countries in Europe first?? You are so very fortunate to be so close to so many countries. Us being all the way in Australia – it takes at least 3 hours of flying time before we can get to a different country. Can take up to 5 within the country!!
    Love the blog 🙂

  2. Thanks very much – glad you like it!
    I absolutely love living in Europe – we have so much on our doorstep and I think people (particularly in the UK) don’t always appreciate it, which was partly why I wanted to start the blog in the first place.

    Outside of Europe, I’ve been to Beijing, Singapore, Adelaide and Sydney and Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Morocco and Israel are high up on my list, too.

    But Europe is my big passion – I’ve studied the history of Eastern and Central Europe pretty extensively and I just really want to get out to these places – we have so much culture and history and tradition in such a small space and I want to see it all! 😀

    • Thanks Rachel – I think I will have to make it over there soon, if only to fill up the gaping hole in my map…

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